Gallery Four

1934 Special as raced by Roger Moss Al Perry's Scott 'Kit' Scott Sociable Brochure (cover) Scott Sociable Brochure (centre spread)

1934 640cc Special

Al Perry’s Scott ‘kit’ (USA)

The Sociable three wheeler…

… unusually stylish !

Enrique's Scott in Argentina Enrique's Scott as it appeared in the Argentinian Magazine 'Motociclismo Erre' Enrique's Scott 3 Enrique's Scott 4

Enrique’s Scott is in Argentina…

…and has appeared in…

… ‘Motociclismo Erre’, ..

… a nice machine.

An early 2 speeder... South Korea Scott 2 South Korea Scott 3 South Korea Scott 4

An early 2 speeder…

…all the way from…

… South Korea, ..

… very original condition ?

1962 Birmingham Model {short description of image} Speedway Sprint Project bike Tony on his Scott in 1945

1962 Birmingham Scott

Steven’s 1930 Tourer (in Australia)

Ted’s Sprint Project

Antony (currently in Canada) on his Scott in 1945

1928 Flyer, Burnsall 2001 1928 2 Speeder, Burnsall 2001 1914 Scott, Burnsall 2001 Sylvia on a Scott.  If Scott's are good enough for her then they must be worthwhile !

1928 Flyer (Burnsall 2001)

1928 2-speed (Burnsall 2001)

1914 Scott (Burnsall 2001)

Sylvia on a Scott